1. Discoloration, also called dark spots or age spots, is a challenging and often lifelong condition to combat. The trick to achieving and maintaining an even skin tone through the decades is to protect your skin from sun exposure and other trauma while you’re young. The following tips will help you avoid damage and also benefit those with existing skin discoloration — being proactive about protection and treatment is essential in preventing discoloration from appearing – or getting worse.


    1. Apply SPF daily – years of accrued UV damage start to show up on your skin in your later years as dark spots. Protect yourself by applying a broad spectrum SPF every morning and reapplying every two hours you’re outside.
    2. Tint windows and block ambient lighting – your drive to work is exposing you to more UV rays than you’d think (UVA rays go right through glass). Tint your windows to protect yourself (and again — remember your SPF on all exposed skin!).
    3. Wear a hat – this fashion statement can also be an important tool for keeping your skin looking young and beautiful. Wide-brimmed hats offer the most protection over your face, neck and décolleté.
    4. Exfoliate gently – we recommend using Daily Exfoliant as an appropriate method of exfoliation. Over-exfoliation or using rough exfoliants can cause inflammation in the skin, a major cause of discoloration. Be sure to avoid scrubs that contain jagged particles like apricot and nut pits or shells. Ideally, use a formula with smooth, round beads.
    5. Avoid excessive heat – burns are a main cause of discoloration as they cause an inflammatory response below the skin’s surface. Additionally, people who suffer from discoloration should avoid overly hot activities such as steam rooms and hot yoga.
    6. Add retinol to your regimen – nightly retinol use with added brightening ingredients helps to increase cell turnover and bring discolorations to the surface, reducing signs of discoloration and giving you an even skin tone. Our favorite is Intensive Brightening Treatment: 0.5% pure retinol night.
    7. See your clinician – chemical peels are instrumental in keeping skin healthy long term. Talk to your PCA Certified Professional to find out which professional treatment is right for your skin type and unique skin concerns.
    8. Explore our top daily care products for those fighting discoloration.
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